Most Used Candle Workings



This candle assists with bringing in money from various outlets, unexpected money, side hustles, etc


Use this working to find a job, your main source of income or to generate your own flow of income/small business.

Boss Fix

Set your boss’ intentions on helping and assisting you with favors or a promotion.  This work has a slight dominating feel to it.

Road Opener

Remove blockages in your way.  These blockages may be from bad energy, other people or situations that are keeping you from success and/or your goal. 

Block Buster

Similar to a road opener, the Block Buster candle has additional herbs and oils that will remove stubborn situations and energy that has been lingering or causing particularly bad problems.  

Come to Me

When you have your sights set on a person but they just haven’t taken the step towards you.  This is for new situations, not a reconciliation where there has been bad blood.  

Love Attraction

This candle will bring in a new love.  Have men or women attracted to you (your choice) and have them make a move towards you.  This is for when you are open to a new partner or partners.  


Goddess Candles are only offered as a Conjure Creation hand poured candle.  This candle blends self- love and love attraction into one working.  Goddess candles are power packed with additional herbs and crystal energy. 

Self Love

Love thyself.  The Self Love candle does just that.  Allows you to have patience with yourself and to see yourself in a positive light bringing about a feeling of “I’m more than enough.”


Bring in a partner who has deep pockets and wants to spend on you!  The Jezebel Candle was originally used by “Ladies of the Light” to ensure that they had well paying clients but you can use this as well to get your love to open their pockets.  


Bring the serene into your life, work place, and relationship with a Tranquility working.  This will bring calm to a situation providing you with the chance to enjoy life and make clearer decisions. 


Healing work comes in many types.  Physical, Mental and Emotional.  This working gives a boost to your plans developed by your health care professional. 

Most Used Candle Workings


Crown of Success

Achieve your dreams with the Crown of Success working. This candle gives a boost to your plans whatever they may be. 

Fiery Wall of Protection

Crucial to your success - this working jumpstarts the protection process to keep your success on the upswing.  We spend money and effort protecting our possessions but nothing on protecting our energy and what we manifest. 

Court Case

Court Case workings are perfect making sure that judgements, negotiations and mediations go your way.  This allows the facilitator or judge to hear your side and award you a victory or a far less sentence (there are times when you have to pay the piper).


Hexes, curses and jinxes can ruin your life and take away everything you’ve worked for. You don’t have to have a person who is actively lighting up candles or creating other things to harm you.  You can be just as hurt by persistent ill wishes of others which can manifest in your demise and loss of things you care about.

Not sure what I need

This is reserved for situations that don’t fit anything close to what’s on this list.  Each candle working is custom.  No two are alike; however, there are many times there’s absolutely no category and we need to have a conversation to figure out next steps.