Custom Fixed Conjured Candles

Custom Fixed Conjured Candles

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Blessed candles are available and made to order.  These candles are all natural and have your intentions woven in from the prayers over the melted wax to the addition of herbs to the final spiritual accoutrements.  

They are available to be set and burned on my altar.  As with all candles burned as part of the candle ministry, this powerhouse of prayer will be worked and prayed over throughout the burn.   

Each candle is 8 oz.

Candle Magic

Candle Magic or "Setting Lights" is one of the oldest forms of spell/rootwork.  It calls utilizes the permanence of prayer and calls in the Elements to bring about the desires of the petitioner/rootworker.  

The Elements present in candle magic are:

Element of Earth - the wax

Element of Air - the smoke

Element of Fire - the flame

Element of Water - the melted wax


Utilizing all four of the Elements, a practitioner is far better posed to effect change and for the spell to accepted by Spirit