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Karma Healing Service 7/12

Karma Healing Service 7/12

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Karma is the process of cause and effect associated with Thoughts, Emotions and Behaviors (Physical, Mental, Emotional). Karma refers to any act or deed.  It is not necessarily a bad thing.  So get that out of your head.  If you have sown positive seeds, you will reap that positivity.  

 A significant action to transform Karma to Dharma; Dharma to Realization; Realization to Liberation is carried out through the process of Acceptance – Forgiveness – Gratitude.

A karmic cleanse involves spiritual practices aimed at clearing away negative karmic debts. This can be achieved through meditation, fasting, prayer, or rituals designed to reset your spiritual path.

This service is a jump start of this process, whether to start clearing “negative” karma or to speed “good” karma to you.   To help with settling karmic debt you will need to make different decisions in your life than what you were doing prior to your healing process. 

An oversimplified way of getting starting is:

  •  Accept what has happened and if you have caused harm.  

  • Ask for forgiveness from the Divine.  

  • Express gratitude for the things that you have been given.  

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