St Expedite

Check out this great videoSt Expedite is the saint of getting things quickly.  Money, resolutions to situations etc.  It's best to pay him before you work with him.  He enjoys coins, red roses, a white candle dedicated to him and pound cake.  When he comes through, make sure that you pay him homage. 

Candle Burn Examples

Candles give so much information about how the spell will turn out.  If a candle burns with black soot, there were obstacles to the work.  Another burn may be necessary or a reading to determine if someone is casting against you OR if there other things you aren't aware of that need to be addressed.  

February's Self Care Box

Basic Moving Spell

This video uses the ritual ingredients from Twichery.  Each self care box has a spell written by yours truly.  


Everyday Manifestation

Can't light up a candle where you live or want to continue your work on a daily basis?  This video is for you.  Ideas to be able to conjure daily whether it's at home, on the drive or at work. 

Magic & Mental Health

Mental Health concerns affect 1 in 3 adults.  Look around at the people you're with or were just with,  It's that common yet it's not something that people  want to discuss.  Not addressing the issue doesn't make it go away,  In fact, it will only progress in a nonproductive manner.  

The stigma is here, even in our community.  Even amongst witches and rootworkers.  Completely unacceptable.  Everyone talks about healing, there's more to healing than just a candle.  

Right Handed Altar

This is my Right Handed Altar where I burn candles for health, prosperity, love etc.