Everyday Manifestation

Most Witches, Lightworkers and Conjurers use some sort of vessel or tool to manifest what they or a client wants in their lives i.e. candles, gris-gris, witch bottles etc. But there's ways that you can manifest everyday without these tools.
Everyday Manifestation starts with YOU and you are the most important thing. What you hold in your thoughts is what you will manifest and bring into your life. The quote, "Whether you believe you CAN or you CAN'T; you're right!" You are the single most powerful thing in your life. What you hold in your mind is what you will see and touch in your life.
Pictures: Recently, I went to a car show to figure out what type of vehicle I was going to buy next. But also, to get the feel and smell of the car in my mind, Touching the car, sitting in it, and believing that it's mine, is going to be key in me obtaining what I want. Can't get to a car show, go to a dealership. Can't get to a dealership? You're online now, Screenshot that bad boy and save it to your phone's lock screen. Cut a picture out of the vehicle and put it on your mirror in the bathroom. Place it in your car now. Whatever you need to do to have it as what your focus is.
Smell: Many hotels, clothing lines, restaurants etc have a signature smell. Why? Smell is one of the strongest senses. Did your ex have a cologne they always wore? Yeah, you probably hate it. Use smells that remind you of something you want to bring into your life. Want to take a tropical vacation? Set the intention that whenever you smell coconut, you're going to manifest that trip. Then get a candle or lotion that has that smell. Pretty simple.
Boxes: Manifestation boxes are wonderful for manifesting. Find a box that you're going to use for manifestation. Purpose that box with that job ONLY. It can be as nice or simple as you want. Heck, use a shoe box. Then place things in that box that you want to manifest. Shells for a vacation (can you tell I need one), a dollar bill for money, a "gold"band for a wedding.. whatever you want, And then visit that box often, focusing on the things inside knowing that you are going to bring those things to you.
You have to take action to bring these things to you. Look for opportunities that you haven't considered before. Want to manifest that car, consider ways to save for the down payment and then act on what the universe brings you. Want to get married, start trying to meet people; accept dates, get online, get out of your house.
These are just a FEW ways that you can manifest without candles or "spells" and you can do them EVERYDAY!