Our spiritual Path Begins

Our spiritual Path Begins

Our spiritual Path BeginsOur spiritual Path BeginsOur spiritual Path Begins

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My path is one of a Rootworker and Grey Witch.  I blend aspects of African Spirituality, Santaria,  wisdom from the Orishas, Traditional Witchcraft and good ol' Southern Hoodoo.   I have walked a varied path and am ALWAYS learning.  


I Believe

My Community

I Believe

I believe strongly in the unseen. Forces that were set about at the beginning of time and before.  We, as witches, brujas and rootworkers; are blessed to have the intuition and knowledge to touch this energy and be apart of the reawakening of the human race. 


My Community

My Community

My Community

My Community aka Online Coven has members from around the world and practitioners of varied backgrounds.  Many paths are represented and respected in this space.  



May the Whole World Adore Her

This working was commissioned by a client in Jordan.  She wanted to have adoration from others.  That she would be loved and found beautiful by all that saw her.

This can be customized to make your love interest desire you.  Who do you want to bring into your web of lust and love?


Love and Passion


Love and Passion in our lives is an up and down ride.  It waxes and wanes and can sometimes need a little push.  This 3 day love ritual is perfect to rekindle the bond between lovers. Just as your relationship is unique no two Love and Passion workings are exactly alike.  Love and Passion can be customized to your relationship needs.  Both figural candles are inscribed with sigils and text that matches your desires.  To this, special blends of oils and botanicals are layered on to boost and strengthen the spell.  Flowers and herbs are added to top off this powerful joining of body, mind and spirit.  Love and Passion is only conceived  in a pre-working consultation.  


Altar of Love

Bring Him to Me

The Altar of Love multiday ritual brings the love of your dreams out of the ether. Figure candles are baptized as you and the partner of your dreams.  Each candle is annointed with oils and herbs to match where you are and what you seek.   

Sigils of your intent are inscribed on the candles to further enhance the potency of the spell.  

This ritual can be customized to call upon elemental elements and deities of our shared tradition,  


This Ain’t Working

This ain’t working is a separation ritual that will place disharmony and destain between two people. Both figure candle is baptized and inscribed with sigils to connect it to the targets. Break up and chaos oils with a symphony of herbs to separate and place a mental and emotional wall between them. This ain’t working is a three day working that will break apart those who shouldn’t be together. This ain’t working can be reserved through consultation. 

Each situation differs.  To separate a couple additional work may be needed or customized based on the situation.  Basic Separation rituals are $85.  A consultation is required to determine what level of service your require.  


Hand Poured Blessed Candles

Handpoured and blessed candles are available and made to order.  These candles are all natural and have your intentions woven in from the prayers over the melted wax to the addition of herbs to the final spiritual accoutrements.  

They are available to be shipped or set and burned on my altar.  As with all candles burned as part of the candle ministry, this powerhouse of prayer will be worked and prayed over throughout the burn.   

Each candle is 8 oz 

Candle Magic

Candle Magic or "Setting Lights" is one of the oldest forms of spell/rootwork.  It calls utilizes the permanence of prayer and calls in the Elements to bring about the desires of the petitioner/rootworker.  

The Elements present in candle magic are:

Element of Earth - the wax

Element of Air - the smoke

Element of Fire - the flame

Element of Water - the melted wax

Utilizing all four of the Elements, a practitioner is far better posed to effect change and for the spell to accepted by Spirit  


Sweetening Jar

Sweetening Jars are Hoodoo Classics.  They can help you to sweeten any situation.  Do you want to:

*  Sweeten up a relationship

*  Bring two people closer together

*  Sweeten up a family member, like in-laws

*  Make a work situation better

*  Get siblings to stop fighting

*  Sweeten a judge to your side

The list goes on and on.  Each jar I make is customized to your needs and uses herbs, oils, crystals and flowers.

All sweetening jars are charged a mimimum of three times before being deployed.  

Jars will either be deployed in the bayou allowing the river and element of water to carry your intentions into the universe or can be shipped to you for additional shipping. 

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Sweetening Jars are long lasting and will yield results for 6-12 months. 


Prosperity Candle & Rice Combo

Prosperity Rice is a staple in hoodoo. For thousands of years, rice has been a symbol of abundance and wealth. Prosperity Rice takes this to the next level with oils and herbs all prayed over to bring money into your life.
This can be used on your altar, sprinkled around your home or business, placed in your wallet/purse or added to your prosperity workings.
This rice also has road opener oils and herbs to remove any blockages.
To pull out all the stops I have created prosperity candles (6 oz) with oils and herbs mixed through. Hand poured and prayed over by me.

Cursing Skull to influence a break up.

Skull Workings

Control Their Thoughts

Influence their thoughts and actions.  When they just won't listen to you or can't seem to get it together, use a skull candle to make them see the light.  This is a coercive working that takes multiple days.  

The planted thought will be fleeting at first but will come to the front of their minds in following days.  

What do  YOU want someone to think?

Basic skull workings are 70+.  Each skull is customized to your requirements and intentions.  


Sour Jars

Sour Jars or Vinegar Jars are effective Left Handed Work.  They can be used to make a target's life miserable.  Generally they are used to sour romantic relationships or familiar ones.  For the most part, Sour Jars are used as defensive coercive magic.  

The best things about sour jars is that they can be made custom order.  There's a large variety of liquids, herbs, animal by products that can be utilized.  

Sour Jars that I create are built in conjunction with your information and desires.  Each jar is charged with 3 pillar candles and a cursing or break up oil, depending on the situation.  This jar may be deployed or dismantled at the request of the client.  

Samhain 2019 Community Service

Community Candle Service

Samhain Community Service 2019

Community candle services allow multiple people to have the opportunity to improve their lives. Community candle service her around  Sabbats, full, and new moons.

Community candle services are announced on Instagram. 


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All services and products are spiritual in nature,