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Passion Heavily Conjured Candle

Passion Heavily Conjured Candle

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Passion Sacral Chakra, Energy Healing Candle, brings together bergamot, blood orange, carnelian and other crystals to ignite your libido and fiery sexual energy,  This candle will help to heal your Sacral energy and bring a free flow of passion into your life. 

While this candle will help with stagnant established relationships; it can also be used solely for it's healing properties.   Carnelian as a main stone in this working can help you to call on the power of the physical energy of your major muscles giving you more vigor. 

This candle should NOT be left unattended.  State your intentions and send your energy to the work to help expedite results.  Snuff this candle when you are not attending to it with a candle suffer or use the lid to put it out.  

This candle is 8 oz. 

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