Healing with Merry Heart Conjure Oil

Healing with Merry Heart Conjure Oil

Self worth, self esteem and self love.  We hear these terms all the time.  Why?  We all know that by the time we are in middle school, children’s self esteem takes a major hit.  Imagine if you didn’t get healing work done (most of us didn’t) and now you’re a grown up carrying around the pain of things that haven’t been addressed from our childhoods.  And, as you well know, things that aren’t addressed simply fester.  The hurt is still there even if we try to cover it up and when it’s touched we blow up.  

I have struggled with my self esteem and self love for years.  Like decades and finally just got tired of it.  So I determined to do something about it.  I was making bad decisions because I was worried about what I looked like, what people would say, would people say I wasn’t good enough.  With that being the problem, and I was pretty sure about it, I sat down to determine how I would help someone else and then tried it on myself.  

Here’s what I did for myself.  Certainly, your plan may be different because we are different people.  

I began with Journal Writing.  Journal writing has been a God send.  I started doing it because I wanted to process a deep hurt without someone interjecting their own experiences or stopping me because they didn’t want to hear my crap.  I needed to get it ALL OUT.  Initially I started writing nightly.  Yes, nightly.  SOme of it was the same things over and over BUT that’s fine.  Dwelling on things is natural but getting it ou allows your brain and heart to be open and not full of hurt.  I was also able to figure out WHY I felt the way I did.  Who was the person  that came up over and over.  Once I determined where the hurt began, I could start healing. 

Coloring Books

Yes, coloring books.  I needed to have something to help me with my anxiety.  Now I was taking something but my anxiety was off the charts.  I found that sitting an coloring a picture while watching TV gave my hands something to do.  When I finished the picture, I liked looking at what I had created.  WHen I was younger I would do cross stitch and my mom’s house is full of framed artwork.  You may cook, or paint.  Maybe you like to redo furniture.  Doing something artistic or creative is very therapeutic.  I enjoy fooling around in my son’s garden and look forward to doing more.  This bares “fruit” so it’s another way to have the fruits of my labor.


Prayer was difficult for me.  At my lowest, I felt that God had forsaken me.  I prayed for others around me.  I couldn’t, at the time, imagine that God loved me.  As I continued my journal work, I began to realize that He does love me and was actually saving me from a situation but I couldn’t see it.  Beyond that, I had so many blessings that I was just too hurt to see.  As you can see, I didn’t stop one thing to start another.  Everything was layered.  


Find something that I am good at and small wins were important as well.  I chose to not work on things that I knew were a challenge for me.  I didn’t want to risk having a “failure” that was only going to make me feel worse.  

Positive Self Talk

Affirmations in my own voice filled my phone.  Yes, I saved affirmation screenshots but hearing my own voice was powerful.  I would wait until I was “feeling myself” and just do a quick voice note. 


Now to the oil and how I used it, and continue to use it.  I use Merry Heart predominately on my skin.  I anoint by heart, solar plexus and crown chakras with it.  The heart chakra is self-explanatory.  The solar plexus chakra, located below the chest, is linked to self esteem.  I am seeking to heal this chakra.  Just like anything in th eworld; your car, home etc., needs maintenance.  

The crown chakra, located at the top of the head, helped me to align to the Divine.  REmember I had questions about whether God loved me.  So this truly helped me in a variety of ways.  

I started using this oil with a 7 day candle.  For two reasons:  

  •  One was to see how damaged the situation was and reading the amount of soot that was left.  This allowed me to know how deeply I needed to work spiritually.
  • Two was to get the healing energy out into the universe ASAP.  I knew that there were years of hurt that needed help and it wasn’t going to be a one and done thing.  TRUST ME .. one candle isn’t going to help years of low self esteem.  

Now I continue to use this oil on tea lights during spiritual baths and add it to my bath or my shower gel.  I continue to anoint my chakras.  

Yes, I am on an anti depressant; however, just like a candle one thing isn’t going to take care of the issue.

If you are interested in using this oil, contact me via DMS.


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