Laying Tricks

One of the most asked questions is how to use Conjure without lighting a candle. While candle magic is the most prevalent use of Magic, there are so many other ways to manifest and influence.
Laying tricks is a way to influence someone else using Conjure Oil and other anointed objects. Since the majority of witches/brujas have Conjure Oils on hand, let’s start there.
Whether you are blessing, attracting or cursing, laying tricks requires your target to touch something that has been anointed with oil by you. Virtually everything can be tricked. For example, you want to be hired by a company. During the interview touch something on the table you’re sure that your target will touch. Your resume or paperwork is a great example.
You can trick your application or resume with “"Dollars Make Sense" or "Van Van" oil. This oil would need to be prayed over by you and charged with the intention of that person hiring you.
Interested in someone at work? You can easily trick items that they will handle. Some would ask, “What if someone else touches that object?” If your intentions are specific and you know your target’s name, you won’t have an issue.
Want your partner to be more open with their wallet?  Use "Jezebel" oil to get them paying for more.