Moldavite has gotten a LOT of press recently. Especially for me to notice it. So what is it? It is a crystal that was formed with a meteorite struck the Earth around 15 million years ago in the Czech Republic. It is a tektite which means it's a glass that is formed form the intense heat from interplanetary collision. Which is great but, what is it?
It is all about transformation and due to the fact that it vibrates higher, you can literally feel it. I was extremely skeptical about the whole thing but thought, "what the hell?" And yes, I could feel it when I put it on. The real test of the Moldavite was, "what is this going to do for me."
While other people have reported that it completely changed their lives in dramatic ways, It didn't do all that for me. People where saying that it removed people from their lives or got them fired. Well, I can't say all that happened to me. So there was nothing super dramatic to report, UNLESS, something is just waiting for next week.
BUT what it did do for me was to completely change my feelings of happiness. As you all know, I have depression. It is a real thing and it's not going anywhere. My brain chemistry is altered and I have been on an antidepressant for about 15 years. I am completely fine with that because the medication really helps me. Without it I have chronic pain, fatigue, lethargy and all over aches. I'm unbelievably irritable and will completely over react over the smallest thing. Not crying but rage. With my medication, I'm fine. Or so I thought.
Moldavite has been a HUGE benefit for me. It has raised my mood in ways I didn't know or remember. I'm literally happy. Now, I thought I was before, but evidently not. I find myself laughing more, smiling more and with WAY more patience. So it has to make me wonder how that will impact my spiritual work? I haven't figured that part out yet. I'm hoping that it will help me by raising my vibration and that energy will go into my work.
I have noticed that it has helped me when I read Tarot and am wearing it. I can't exactly explain it but ideas seem to pop into my head faster than before. If you follow me you will probably remember me mentioning that visualization is fairly difficult for me and I was starting to really get pictures in my head that were hard to get out in a way that made sense. That appears to be easier.
So, what's my advice. if you can get one, do it. Make sure that you are getting a real one and buying from a reputable dealer. I am definitely buying one for my mother and son. I think that they can truly benefit from the energy.