Setting Lights

In my time as a Hoodoo Practitioner, I have set hundreds of lights. Some for myself but many for other people. Over the years, many of the things that I do instinctively I have found that newbies don't know. With that said, here are the basics of "setting lights".
The most basic Hoodoo Candle has three parts:
1. A candle of some sort. Most Rootworkers use glass encased novena candles that came across the faith divide from the Catholic Church.
2. A carrier oil. This can completely match your intention or you can simply use prayed over olive oil.
3. An herb or root that matches the purpose of why you are setting the candle.
Since so many of you want a love working, let's start with that.
You can use a white candle to substitute for any color. So let's say you have a white novena candle lurking around your house and just have to get your intentions into the mind of your target. Great.
Get your carrier/conjure oil that matches the intent of the candle, i.e. Follow Me Boy, Jezebel (if you want him to drop some coins too) or Seduction Oil. You get the drift. At this point, this oil isn't tied to YOUR intention. You need to pray over that oil giving it the power to do what YOU want it to do that moment. Yes, it's "love" oil but it's not set to work on "Johnny."
Add a few, AND I MEAN a few drops into the candle with your intent in mind. If you put too much oil you're going to have a bonfire.
Next, your herb. You might want to consider Daimana as an herb to lend lust to the situation. Same steps as before because right now, this is just a dried plant. Pray over it to give it the power to strike the heart of your target and then add it to the candle. Again, using only a pinch. Too much.. BOOM!
Once you have done this.. you have prepared a basic candle.
So, the most basic Hoodoo candle has three parts: the candle, the oil and the root/herb.
Are there more steps? Yes, and every practitioner does different things.
Can you add more herbs? Yes, once you get a Book of Shadows or Grimoire; I highly suggest you make a list of herbs that you can get a hold of.
Can you mix oils? Yes, but make sure that you aren't adding too much to the candle and that they oils play well together. You don't want to add love and cursing oil in the same candle. For most situations LOL
I hope this gives you an understanding of how to prepare a simple candle.
Happy Hoodooing!