Supernatural Dating

We all have that one person that we date, whether for two dates or two years, that just won’t go away. You try to get them to take the hint but they just seem to hang around. Most of us know that using a cut and clear will help the situation, as well as, being blunt and not playing games. In some cases, a hot foot is necessary but what do you do when you have a supernatural problem?
A VERY good friend of mine had the latter. Here’s how it went down.
She met a guy that she had hopes for. They spent time together and she visited him at his home. During their talks she learned that he had suffered two recent losses of his wife and his mother. In his grief, he hadn’t cleaned out his house completely. Being a nice person, she assisted him with removing some of the items.
Over time, he became a little flakey until she realized why he was single. As she moved away from him she began noticing that her sleep was being affected. At first, it wasn’t anything to take note of but it began to wear on her. Waking up at the same time of night, every night. Her mood changed and suddenly he came back around.
She then had a series of dreams that were odd. Luckily, she kept a dream journal and started to notice patterns. There was a woman that kept coming to her in her dreams. After talking, we figured out that it was his mother, trying to get her to give him another chance. As a witch she began doing work to get this woman to leave her alone. This worked for a while but he started trying to text her again and somehow got through AFTER being blocked. At the end of her rope, she let him have it. And guess who showed up again in her dreams? Yep! MOM!
She and I still can’t figure out how he broke though to contact her again but the dreams were the real problem. As we talked she got the thought, “What do you have of this woman’s.” Basically, what was tying her to his mother, During the clean out he gave her a pair of sunglasses, his mother’s sunglasses.
My instructions were to get them out of the house, and off the property. Drive them away from the house, dispose of them, turn and don’t look back. She went a step further in the disposal destroying the glasses and then getting rid of them to sever the connection. She then went on to do protection work.
You see this in movies or even some television shows but to actually have this happen to someone close to me and to be part of it all, is.. Well.. surprising. My first thought was, “Did he do this on purpose?” We don’t know but this definitely adds another level to the guy that won’t go away.
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Make no mistake the dead are among us. As a mother, she wanted someone to help guide and heal her son. More than likely, she had tried to contact and help him but he wasn’t aware of that guidance so she reached out to someone who was sensitive, my friend. Is this common? It was my first rodeo with this scenario. It makes me wonder how many times this has happened.
Be careful out there folks.