The 5th Element

The 5th Element

The final and most important element is known as the 5th Element.  NO, not the movie.  The 5th element, like the others was recognized by the Greeks,  as the Element that is completely unseen. Although unseen, it’s most definitely felt.  Known as Aether, or now, as Spirit it is set at the top of the Wiccan Pentagram.  

Properties of the 5th Element are:

Symbol:  Circle

Color:  White Black, Purple

Direction: Straight Up

Tarot: The Fool

I felt compelled to write about the 5th Element because it’s so important.  The 5th Element is difficult to describe but we have all felt it.  It is found in meditation, prayer and ritual.  We cannot see, taste or smell it.  It is the original element, that which everything else is made.  Spirit surrounds us.  It fills us with the very energy we use to move and think.  It was before all and will be after we are gone.  As within, So without.  It is the energy that swirls around t

he Whirling Dervishes.

When you set a light and fill your heart with prayer and promise, Spirit is there.  When you meditate and empty your mind of all, you find Spirit and your body responds without you thinking.  How can you define that feeling?  It’s beyond what you feel when you are bumping around your house or even doing something thrill seeking.  This energy that you find in the expression of Spirit; in song, healing, The Craft; is Spirit finding ways to be known to us in ways that our human minds can understand.  

Growing up in a Protestant household, there were times when I would “get happy”.  This is that energy that surrounded me, lifted me, and manifested things around me.  This connects us in ways that we can see.  When people break out in song, happiness sweeps across the masses and we are connected.  Spirit is the golden thread that links us to It and to each other.  Spirit and 

the Elements are linked in the Manifestation Circle.  The symbol of the Manifestation Circle is a crystal ball.  Imagine that my drawing is a 3 dimensional sphere and not the circle you see below.

You, the Querent, are  found at the center of this all.  Your prayers or intentions are sent up to Spirit.  The Universe hears and gives birth to your desires.  Literally, called into action, the Elements are tasked with bringing forth your blessings.  Forming them from the Ether.  You’ve heard of the term,”out of the Ether”, there ya go!  

Your faith and belief in the work is carried by the Element of Air back to Spirit completing the circle.  This is a never ending loop.  Your faith is critical.  This is why it’s said that you have to believe in your work for it to work.  You are the weakest link here.  If you break this energetic chain, the work stops.  Manifesting isn’t a one off thing,  To be successful, you must put yourself in this loop and remain a part  of it.  If you visual this as an energetic sphere surrounding you in all directions, you can understand how this is energetic and unending.  

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