The Rose of Jericho: History and Practice

The Rose of Jericho: History and Practice

Using the Rose of Jericho for the New Moon in Aries may be just the thing you need for your altar or addition to your spiritual practice.  

The Rose of Jericho is a plant that is also known as the “Resurrection Plant”.  It is aptly named because of its miraculous ability to come back from the dead.  When purchased you will receive a small, dry ball of a plant that you may think is dead; but when placed in water it will come back to life.  This beautiful fern-like plant can be used as a metaphor of victory over situations.  

The Rose of Jericho is mentioned many times in the Bible and is also used in Hoodoo, ATRs, Christianity and Islam.  In Christianity, the Rose of Jericho is used as a symbol of Christ’s death and resurrection. The Rose of Jericho is also attached to Mary.  It is believed that it was presented to her on her trip from Jerusalem to Egypt.  Once she saw it open, she carried it with her.

 You can find this plant in traditional Catholic homes at Easter. In Hoodoo this plant is used on money, health and love altars.  In fact, it can be used in addition to any spell work where you want something to grow or to come back to life.  You can usually find them on a money altar next to a money fixed candle.  Some people like to add coins to the Rose of Jericho once it’s opened.  Others like to pray over it and allow it to open and spread it’s energy around the home and into the Universe.  

When I was Muslim I traveled to Turkey and visited the tomb of the Seven Sleepers in Ephesus.  These youths were believed to have been allowed to sleep for  over 300 years to avoid the persecution of Christians by the Romans.  It is believed that a Rose of Jericho was used to awaken them.  This story is a part of Surah 18 al-Kahf.  

In Ephesus, Also visited the last known home of Mary.  Known as Maryem Evi, this small home is on top of a tall hill surrounded by fig trees.  The air is thick with their fragrance.  There are Rose of Jerichos readily available for purchase.  This home is considered a shrine and pictures are not allowed inside.

Working with the Rose of Jericho


  • Once you’ve gotten your plant, it will be dried out.  That’s perfectly fine. 
  • Find a bowl that is big enough for the plant once it has opened. 
  • Use fresh water, not salt water.  If you are using tap water, allow it to sit out to let chlorine and other chemicals evaporate.
  • Take a moment to pray over or meditate with your Rose of Jericho to give it an intention
  • Place the plant into the water with just enough to cover the bottom.  You may choose to place a fixed candle next to your Rose of Jericho with an intention that matches what you have prayed over the plant.  

It will take about 4-5 hours for the plant to open but it may take a couple of days to come back fully.  It is important to change the water of your plant.  Don’t use too much, it will rot.  

You may choose to place pebbles in the water or coins.  Pebbles look amazing but coins will ensure that the plant always touches prosperity.  

Change out the water at least once a week.  This water can be used as “holy water”.  You can use it for protection, to cleanse your altar, add to floor sweeps or sprays.  You can also use a bit of this water to clean off the outside of your 7 day candles for a boost.  

Once your candle has finished, you can allow the Rose of Jericho to rest by allowing it to dry.  Store it in a paper bag or box in a cool, dark place.  Make sure you dry it off because you don’t want it to rot.  

A Rose of Jericho is hard to kill.  If cared for properly it will last you for YEARS.  In fact, it was passed down through generations in the past.  Suitors would put engagement rings in the middle and allow it to open when they asked for their beloved’s hand.

You may choose to purchase one from your local botanica or online.  Know that this is NOT the original Rose of Jericho.  The ones from the Middle East are LARGE but the more common ones are just as powerful.

I hope that this blog post helps you to enjoy this new addition to your altar and spiritual practice. 


Much Love and Many Blessings,



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