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Abre Camino Road Opener Oil

Abre Camino Road Opener Oil

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Abre Camno is a Conjure oil that will help to remove spiritual and physical obstacles in your path. Abre Camino is an actual plant that is the main herb in this powerful oil. Use Abre Camino as a stand alone if you want to set a candle that will open roads to an endeavor.  Use this oil with another to help the intention manifest faster.  

Abre Camino pairs VERY well with  Run Me My Money  oil.  Use this oil first, on a 7 day candle, to open the roads and remove obstacles to your receiving the money that you want and deserve. 

 Once this candle has burned for at least 24-48 hours, light a candle using Run Me My Money oil.  This is a POWER PACKED combo

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