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April Restart

April Restart

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This month’s bundle is set to restart your year. 

Descriptions of the services are:


Have you been feeling weighed down by memories or daily pressures?  Freedom helps you to release the burden of today's world.


Do you feel that you want to achieve more in your life?  Are there goals that are important to you but you feel like they are out of your grasp. 

Empower is a will help you to have the inner strength and energy to be able to take on what you thought you couldn't.  

Your ancestors can help you to build a generational wealth.  Build a Legacy with the help of your Ancestors. This service will call on your ancestors to help you build wealth and bring in opportunities.

Favor is a candle service that will bring in opportunities, money or what you value.  This is not only to bring success in; but to also help you to be selected or to carry favor with those who make decisions in the process. 

A positive light will be shown around you.  You have to carry the ball and Favor will help you to get it in the endzone. 


Mystic is a practitioner’s dream. This service will allow you to connect deeper with spirit. It also has an element of opulence which will allow you to bring in prosperity as your right as a practitioner.



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