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High John the Conqueror Working

High John the Conqueror Working

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High John the Conqueror work is a staple in Hoodoo and Rootwork.  It brings in strength, luck and success.  According to African-American folklore, High John the Conqueror was the son of an African king.  He was sold into slavery.  He was known to be highly intelligent and could outwit his captors.  

During his life, John fell in love with the Devil’s daughter, Lilith.  The terms for him to marry her was to plow 60 acres in half a day, and sow the acres in the second half of the day. Lilith gave John a magical axe and plow to complete the task,  She also revealed that The Devil planned to kill him no matter what.  Because John was so clever he stole the Devil’s horse, and he and Lilith both escaped.

 John and Lilith returned to Africa, both agreeing to never again use their powers so the Devil would not be able to find them. John left his powers behind in the root of a plant found in the Southern United States.  Ipomoea jalapa or Ipomoea purga, is a powerful plant that was introduced to the enslaved by the Indigenous Americans.  

Working with the High John Root, I am able to invoke the spirit of High John the Conqueror and bring strength and power to you.  You will feel the energy of High John as well as benefit from the success that the work brings.  No matter what stands in your way, this working can help you to power through it. 

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