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Lions Gate 8 oz Candle

Lions Gate 8 oz Candle

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The ”dog days of summer” are definitely here.  This term refers to the time when constellation Canis Major is visible in the sky. The great star of Sirius is located in the upper region of this constellation

When Canis Major, more specifically Sirius, was introduced to the morning sky once again, the great Nile River of Egypt would begin to rise. It symbolized a return to fertility, creation, abundance, and new life.

The spiritual connection to Sirius, our spiritual Sun,  activates a powerful galactic portal of light and transmutes incredible energy.  This energy will help you to align with your deepest desires and to manifest abundance.  

In astrology, the eighth house symbolizes power, transformation, the occult, and sex. In numerology eight represents a never ending and continuous cycle of energy circulating - it is infinite. 

In Tarot, the eight in the major arcana is the “Strength” card, which features a woman taming a lion. She has the infinity symbol over her head, which looks like an 8 laid on its side.  

This candle will allow you to have the power of Lion's Gate at any time in the year. 

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