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Natural Kunzite Necklace

Natural Kunzite Necklace

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Kunzite is an amazing stone.  Many believe that the kunzite gemstone is strongly connected to the heart. It is thought that the stone has the ability to shine a light on all matters that have to do with the heart and in turn, circulation. As a healer of the body, this crystal helps its bearer keep their breath flowing in a way that helps to regulate the circulatory system and keep the heart’s muscles strong.

It can be used to help with menstrual pain (consult a physician if you have serious symptoms that disrupt your life.) 

The gentle energies associated with the kunzite crystal represents unconditional love and will aid in promoting self-compassion and self-care. This stone functions on a level of high vibrations, which helps us to nurture our deeper connections with others. 


This necklace is long enough to be a statement necklace during sweater weather.

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