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Power Month Long Bundle

Power Month Long Bundle

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This Bundle injects power into your life. Not only the strength to win, but also an influx of money and opportunities. 


  1. High John the Conqueror is a working that calls upon the spirit of the High John root. The power left behind of a spirit that was strong and smart enough to trick the devil. This working will give you confidence and the quick presence of mind to handle any situation. 
  2. Crown of Success is an old Hoodoo spell that surrounds you with success in every aspect of your life. Have things go your way. 

  3. Lucky is my take on Fast Luck. Utilizing herbs and roots that are known to be lucky, use this energy when finding new opportunities, games of chance, signing contracts or networking. 

  4. Run Me My Money is my popular and highly successful prosperity working. 

  5. Ven Dinero is perfect for those who have jobs that are contract, business owners, or those with side hustles. Get clients, better pay and benefits.  Or The Power Move. This working is perfect for anyone looking for upwards movement. Are you ready for a promotion? Looking for a better job or want to attract a great collaboration? This is the choice for you. 

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