Recession Rescue

Recession Rescue

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This is my second package of services.  This one is specifically targeted at jumpstarting your finances.

Recession Rescue will include 5 seven day candles that are prepared specifically for you and will burn on an altar created for this service only.  

The services in order are:

Financial Uncrossing - This will remove negativity around your finances and will set them straight energetically

Protection  - This will protect your finances as we move through the other services

St. Expedite - This service will be to petition St. Expedite specifically for money and opportunities

Run Me My Money  - This RMMM service will include a road opener element to it to power it up even more.

Stability   - This service is the seal on the service to keep the results and money with you.

My 7 day candles are $50 each.  With this service you are receiving 2 candles free.  

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