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Reiki Infused Malas/Prayer Beads

Reiki Infused Malas/Prayer Beads

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Malas are more than just a fashion statement, although they look amazing.

. The term mala is derived from the Sanskrit word “JJapmala,” which is a string of beads used for prayer and meditation by Hindus and Buddhists (similar to the concept of a Rosary in the Catholic faith). The string is made up of 108 individual beads, which are used to keep count while chanting or repeating a mantra while meditating.

Malas can be worn or kept on your altar or meditation space.  

Mala beads can be made of crystals, lava stones or wood.  Those made of crystal can also assist with the energy of the stone.  

How to use a mala.  A mala can be used to mark prayers, similar to a rosary.  They can also be used to state an intention or calm you prior to doing spell work.  You may find that they help you to channel your energy prior to workings or calm your anxiety.  

It is important to remember that malas have centuries old history and energy.  


The Tiger Eye Mala brings in stability and abundance.  This mala gives you the energy of grounding and the ability to think clearly.  Tigers eye protects as well as releases anxiety.  

Black Tourmaline is known for it's protective energy but it also clears, grounds and balances you.  You can also wear this mala for simply it's protective properties. 

Red Tigers Eye stimulates the kundalini rising and helps to heal your root chakra.  It facilitates manifestation while the black onyx is extremely protective.   

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