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Temperance: Rediscovering Your Inner Goddess

Temperance: Rediscovering Your Inner Goddess

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This multipart service was born out of my own desire to release the masculine energy that I have been functioning with for many year.  There have been a variety of life events that have made me step into this energy and it has served me well.

I am now ready to release and allow my Divine Feminine energy to step into the light.  This service does not completely remove masculine energy, as I may need it again, but sets it to the side. 

The Divine Feminine/Goddess energy is powerful.  It is deep, creative and eternal.  This is where I want to live my life and create the world around me.

This service will allow you to do just that.  

Temperance includes:

  • A cord cutting
  • Sound bowl work
  • Two 7 day candles (Goddess & Divine Feminine)
  • A Shadow Work Journal that is highly recommended during and immediately after the working.

Please enter your email when purchasing to that the journal can be emailed to you.

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