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Ven Dinero/ Money Drawing Fixed Candle

Ven Dinero/ Money Drawing Fixed Candle

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Ven Dinero Fixed Candle has been created to bring in  a consistent flow of financial prosperity,  and entrepreneurial pursuits. This candle was also designed to bring in downloads and inspiration  for new ideas and open the roads for financial growth.  .

This Money Drawing Candle is infused with a blend of curated herbs and spices, along with condition oils. Each item is infused with reiki energy and filled with good intentions. 

This candle is fixed and ready to use on your altar with your intentions/petitions.  

This special can be purchased in two ways.  You can:

  • Purchase the candle only or
  • Purchase the candle with 1/2 oz of Ven Dinero Oil

This candle is perfect to use with your manifestation workings, yoga, meditation and journaling.  My candles are made by hand and have the energy of an experienced lightworker.  They are also reiki infused.  I have been a practicing reiki master for over 5 years and lightworker for over 10.  

I cannot guarantee the results of this candle because all spiritual products are based on your faith and dedication. They should never be a substitute for medical, financial or legal advice.  They are a powerful addition to your work in the mundane.  

Never leave a candle unattended, ALWAYS handle the element of fire with care and respect. 

Oshunslight LLC is not legally responsible for injure or damage occurring from use of any of my products.  By purchasing you are agreeing to the above terms. 

Always burn candles until the wax pools to the edge of the glass.  Snuff the candle.  Relight after the wax cools.  Otherwise you will experience tunneling that will waste wax.  


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