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Filomena Lubana Feast Day

Filomena Lubana Feast Day

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Filomena Lubana is a Voudon Loa that is syncretized with Sta Marta. Many know her as Sta Marta la Dominidora. She lends her power to help others by controlling and dominating people and or situations. She is highly protective and can help those in need with money to help with bills etc.

Marta, Marta the one the Demons lust over. ..

Filomena Lubana (Santa Marta)  has a very special place in my heart.  I recall visiting a botanica years ago and seeing a statue of her and felt called.  I didn’t purchase it but rather went home and started research.  Any and everything I could get my hands on.

The more I read, the more I wanted to know. This was the first step on my journey with My Mother.

I set up my first altar to her  While the candle burned, I knew to look for signs that my petition was being considered and for a sign that she was going to work with me.  Around day 3 of the burn, my son opened the back door and a lizard ran into my house, unbenounced to me.  As I was working the candle, the lizard jumped up and landed right next to the candle.  Of course, I was scared because that hadn’t hadn’t happened before but suddenly, I was elated.  It was a sign that she was going to work with me.  That I had been chosen.

Who is Filomena Lubana  -  Santa Marta La Dominidora?

Santa Marta crosses many boundaries in her appeal to people of different paths.  She can be found in Hoodoo and in Christianity.  Biblical Sta Marta is mentioned in the Bible in the Gospels of Luke and John along with Mary and her brother Lazarus.  She is mentioned as loved by Jesus and had the strength to ask Jesus for what she wanted and needed.  She was the first to meet Jesus after her brother Lazarus died tell him that if he was there, Lazarus would not have died.

Historical Santa Marta

THis is the version most seen on prayer cards.  According to legend Santa Marta entered a village that was being terrorized by a dragon.  She subdued the dragon by throwing holy water and hyssop on the beast.  She then tied up the dragon with her belt so that he could be dealt with by the villagers.  In her prayers, it is requested that she bind and tame a situation to bring order to chaos or to dominate a situation/person just as was done with the dragon.

Conjure Sta Marta

THIS is the version of Sta Marta that I venerate and have an altar dedicated to.  Filomena Lubana is a Voudou Loa who was synchronized with the Christian Saint after the African Diaspora.  Her statues feature her with snakes wrapped around her and a small child  at her feet.  She saved a young boy from harm when he was surrounded by snakes and about to be eaten.  She defeated the snakes and raised the boy as his own.

She is one of the nine daughters of the Baron del Cementario. She is a Guede, connected to death and the cemetery.  While many people attempt to work with her to dominate others or to control others, she is so much more than that.  She governs over emotions like love and passion.  She is a warrior and will protect those who serve her.  She is miraculous and will arrange order out of chaos when you can’t find an answer.  She is powerful and doesn’t tolerate games or deceit.  Those who work with her without knowledge may find themselves at a disadvantage.  She will give but can also take away that gift and more.  I always give her more than I ask to maintain that relationship with her.

Filomena Lubana Workings

Filomena Lubana is primarily invoked to take over a situation and dominate it to bring out the highest good.  She has rectified situations for me when there was no way I could worked things out myself.


This Service is a 7 day candle and offerings. 

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